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Caramel Apple Recipe & Information

Recipe for your own delicious caramel apples...

Shown below are some of the common ingredients consumers use to make their own 'at home' caramel.

Amounts will vary based on serving sizes.
(Makes about 12 servings)

1 - 1lb box of dark brown sugar
1 - cup of room temparature butter
1 - 14oz can of unsweetened milk
2/3 - cup of dark corn syrup
1/3 - cup pure maple syrup
1/2 - teaspoons of vanilla extract
1 - teaspoon flavored dark molasses
1/4 - teaspoon of salt

-Skewers, popsicle sticks, or chopsticks
-Apples of your choice

Put all of the ingredients together and evenly mix and heat until the sugar dissolves and the caramel drips with a creamy buttery appeal.  Once completed, dip/roll your own caramel apple varieties!

What is a caramel apple?
Caramel apples are a delicious treat consisting of an apple that has been dipped in candy caramel and then topped with many different varieties of products.  Some toppings include nuts, candies, chocolates, plain caramel, or a combination of everything. Our caramel apples are made with the ripest jumbo granny smith apples (green apples).  Once our apples have been chosen and skewered, we hand dip each apple separately ensuring that they are completely enrobed in our 100% homemade kettle cooked caramel.  With our caramel being homemade, it DOES NOT contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives that many retail or grocery store apples do.  Our caramel is cooked in our old world copper kettles which guarantees that the caramel is evenly heated and mixed to give you that decadent creamy butter taste. If you would like information on 'candied apples' please feel free to view our candy apple recipe and information page.

Granny smith apples

Our apples are to provide you with that warm 'at home' feeling you get when something is fresh and homemade.  After we dip the apples we then roll, crush and layer our custom toppings all over them. 

We offer a vast array of toppings for our apples including: Granulated Classic Peanut, Buttered Pecan Pieces, Cashew Splits, Buttered Almond, Mixed Nut, Cinnamon Pecan, Reeses® Pieces, M&M®, Sprinkle, Peanut Butter Chip, Heath® Toffee, Snickers®, Belgian Chocolate Dunked, or our 5 different Turtle apples which our the "Cadillac" of all apples. 

Amy's Belgian chocolate caramel apples

Those are: Pecan Turtle in milk or dark Belgian chocolate, Cashew Turtle in milk or dark Belgian chocolate, Peanut Turtle in milk or dark Belgian chocolate, Oreo® Turtle in milk, dark or white Belgian chocolate.

Once dipped, each apple is then cooled in a controlled setting to guarantee freshness when shipped.  Apples are made the same day they ship out to ensure that you receive them with complete satisfaction. 

It is recommended that when your caramel apples are made or purchased, that you keep them refrigerated upon cutting to help extend their shelf life and to keep them as fresh as possible.

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