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Nonpareil Caramel Apple W/Belgian Chocolate

Non-Pareil Caramel Apple W/Belgian Chocolate

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Item Description

  • Our non-pareil caramel apple starts as a green jumbo granny smith apple. After we coat the apple in our caramel, we then roll and pack fun colored white and dark chocolate non-pareil minis. After that, we completely drizzle and blotch our white and dark Belgian chocolates onto the non-pareils. This fruit piece not only tastes good, it acts as an elegant piece to share at a party or wedding.

  • We thank you for your order and include complimentary embossed apple gift boxes to guarantee safe delivery and satisfaction.

  • (Apple does not include ribbon.)

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  • Every apple that is purchased gets its own free complimentary gift box with tissue to provide the proper protection and appeal of an Amy's Gourmet Apple during shipping. Our elegant copper collection apple boxes can be used to present and impress anyone for any occasion!

  • Every order receives one complimentary gift card for you to inform your recipient who sent them their thoughtful gift. This way you can share a little message with their treat.

  • What are nonpareils?

    Nonpareils are delicious bite sized trinkets of Belgian chocolate topped with tiny sugary coated chocolate seeds. The caramel and Belgian chocolates really give the apple an all around spectacular flavor! Non-Pareil Caramel Apple W/Satin RibbonA definite must try for any Belgian chocolate connoisseur. We only offer this apple with dark and white Belgian chocolate drizzle at this time. This also is a great gift idea to share as a wedding present. The white chocolate and dark chocolate accents make this a not only delicious, but beautiful piece of art!

    If you would like to know more information about caramel apples or how ours are made, please visit our candy caramel apple recipe and information page.

    As seen with Al Roker's "Roker on The Road" on The Food Network

    Proud recipient of the Wisconsin State Fair Blue Ribbon Seal Of Excellence.

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