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  • How long do the apples last?
    Answer: 1 week or 2 1/2 weeks refrigerated.

  • Do you make the caramel apples year round?
    Answer: Yes, our apples are made fresh daily throughout the the entire year!

  • Do you do fundraising?
    Answer: Yes, we now offer this. Please view our caramel apple fundraising page.

  • Do you make candy apples?
    Answer: No.

  • Do you ship plain caramel apples?
    Answer: No, because they get damaged.

  • When will my order ship?
    Answer: Please reference the shipping policy.

  • Fundraising FAQs

  • What kind of apples are they?
    Jumbo Granny Smiths. Firm & tart.
  • When do we pay you?
    You can fill out our credit app for net 10 terms or credit card/check payment before receipt.
  • Do we collect sales tax?
    If your organization is suppose to in your specific State/County. Consult your organization's accountant.
  • How is the apple packaged?
    They come in Copper Embossed Gift Boxes.
  • What do we do if we get a bad apple?
    We will replace it.
  • How are the apples shipped?
    Approx 36 per carton. 2 Day Air UPS.
  • Can we accept credit cards from people who buy them?
    Only if your organization is set up for that through your bank.
  • Do we get any samples?
    We do not offer free samples, but will refund the sample amount upon your order.

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